Being a New Dad: First Weeks After Birth - Episode 7
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hi and welcome back to amazing milestones I'm your host I'm Tara now we have covered a wide range of topics in this series and each time it has been mommy mommy mommy or baby baby baby well today we are changing our tune to daddy daddy daddy that's right today's episode is for all the fathers and fathers to be out there so let's go meet lawn who has kindly accepted to share his experience with us as a new dad how long hi welcome to the show thank you it is great to finally talk to a dad and get your perspective on things so first off I want to know when your wife told you that she was pregnant what went through your head Wow mostly excitement we were trying so it's a pretty exciting time to find out I mean a little bit of fear not knowing what what was to come and not be able to tell anyone for for three months we decided not to tell anyone so for three months sort of keeping a secret which I'm not really good at but overall really really excited and what aspect of the pregnancy was the most difficult for you as a dad I guess not really being able to do anything I mean not being able to help out that much not being able to help my wife with any of the discomforts and knowing what it feels like and so you're sort of just waiting on the sidelines and you know trying to do whatever you can to help her get through it what about the drive home from the hospital do you remember that and how did it go don't remember well after two days in a hospital as you know you're pretty exhausted so I don't remember it great but I remember going pretty slow and just hoping that he would stay asleep as long as possible select in the car yeah most nice yeah baby cried the whole way home and I was just practically in tears that's so we're lucky with that and you know it's just mostly a blur you know we've been so tired after two days in the hospital that you know just getting home was to sleep hopefully and and get organized was really what we're focused on and when you finally did get home how did you make yourself useful try to just help out a lot I would always wake up you know with in the middle of the night with when when the baby was being fed and helped change him and give him a bath and none of you trying trying to just you know be as involved as possible and and help out wherever I could okay and did your relationship with your wife change when you went from two people in the house to three people in the house and if so in what way I think it definitely changes I mean you're go from really being in a relationship to a partnership really focused on sort of taking care of this person so things change you know the main topic in the house becomes the baby but it's not in a bad way I think people you know think it changes in a bad way I think you know it changes and and it's sort of an exciting thing to go through with someone else and how old's your baby now he's 15 months congratulations Thanks and what about your work life and being a dad how do you juggle both of those things you have any tips for our viewers yeah I think it's just a matter of sort of shifting your schedule a little bit you know where I used to maybe stay at work late now I'll come home as soon as the day ends and try and spend time with him until he goes to bed and then maybe I'll get some work done after that I also take on the morning shift so usually I get up early morning with him so I get a little extra time then and then even on the weekend I'll find time to do work here and there it's just a matter of spending you know as much time with him when he's awake and a nap as you can and and sort of moving work around and and you know finding times to do it whether it's when he's sleeping and or or other times where you know maybe you have a little bit of downtime well thanks a lot I really appreciate your honesty and generosity with all these personal things and most importantly good luck with all the magical moments that lie ahead thank you now we can't forget about all the dads out there because they have a lot on their plate too thanks for joining us today on amazing milestones and see you soon

Being a New Dad: First Weeks After Birth - Episode 7

The Amazing Milestones video series has covered many topics and up to now, it’s all been “Mommy Mommy Mommy” and “Baby Baby Baby.” Well today, we’re going to change our tune to “Daddy Daddy Daddy.” You guessed it – today’s episode is for dads and dads-to-be! Watch Lonn share his experience about being a new dad, and get helpful advice for new dads when you watch this video from Enfamil A+®.