Has the pandemic messed with your baby shower plans? Fear not. We’re here to ensure you can throw a virtual party that delivers maximum fun with minimum fuss. To help guide you, we’ve got recommendations for virtual baby shower backgrounds, baby-themed games, and virtual gift-giving. Follow our advice, add a little bit of your special unique touch, and you’ll feel as if you’re quite literally in the same room as your friends. All it takes is a little planning and a bit of creativity. Whether you’re the mom-to-be who’s planning her own virtual gathering, or a friend who’s taken on the role of party organiser, here are some top tips for planning your virtual baby shower. Ready, set, get ready to celebrate!

Pick a Virtual Baby Shower Date & Setting

Choosing when and where to meet your party guests virtually is your first task. Will it be a weekday evening or a weekend afternoon? Will you meet on Zoom or Teams? It’s best to choose a time and a platform to suit your friends, to ensure that as many of them can come along.

Some platforms allow you to fully customize your background, so you can have a great time playing with cute baby themes. This is optional, but decorating your space in real life too can help you get into the celebratory mood! A few helium balloons, some cute bunting (in your favourite colours) and some streamers are all you need to dial up the party vibes.

Deliver Virtual Baby Shower Invites & Create Your Baby Shower Registry

If you’re the mom-to-be, you can send these invites out, or nominate one of your friends. To stick with the virtual theme, why not send your invites by email.

Have you thought about setting up a baby registry? You can include the link in your invitation. Lots of moms-to-be already use online baby gift lists as they can be a useful way of collecting must-haves for baby’s first few months.

Virtual Baby Shower Games & Activities

From ‘Who is that baby?’ to ‘What do you know about the mom-to-be?’, games will amp up the excitement and entertainment during your virtual baby shower. Our downloadable Virtual Baby Shower Kit features interactive games, for you to share with your friends so you’ll be joining in with all the fun at the same time!

If you play games, don’t forget that winners need prizes—thank goodness for e-Gift cards! They’re simple to buy and are sure to delight. Pick a few stores or brands that you know your friends like and as winners are chosen, you can send the gift card instantly.

Virtual Baby Shower Message Board

We made a template in our Virtual Baby Shower Kit that allows you to invite your friends to send messages to the mom-to-be.

How Does Gift Opening Work at a Virtual Baby Shower?

There are lots of ways you can do this. Guests can open up their gifts for the mom-to-be on screen and then deliver them at a later date, or they can send the presents ahead of time, so that the mom-to-be can do a gift opening at the actual virtual baby shower.

Virtual Baby Shower Thank You Notes

Moms-to-be will want to be able to say a big thank you for all the treats, with a personal note.

Create Your Virtual Baby Shower Schedule

While we don’t advise creating a strict schedule, a timeline can be helpful so that the event runs smoothly and guests know what to expect. We’ve created a little guide for a 90 minute virtual baby shower below. You can adapt this to be longer or shorter:

  • 2.45-3pm Catch up. This helps everyone to warm up, work out how to navigate the video call properly, and prep for the fun ahead.
  • 3-3.30pm Kick off. We’ve created a downloadable Baby Shower Kit that includes plenty of baby shower games, perfect for having fun together during a virtual gathering.
  • 3.30-4pm Gift Giving. You may prefer not to open presents during your virtual shower, so you can skip this step and spend another 20 minutes on the fun part – Games!
  • 4-4.15. Virtual goodbyes! Don’t forget to leave time to sign out, and thank everyone for coming along.

In the End, It’s All About Having Fun

It’s understandable to feel disappointed about not being able to be in the same room with your friends. But embrace this new virtual baby shower experience, and you’ll have a great time. It’s different, yes, but in the end, it’s still about celebrating moms-to-be and their imminent new arrivals. And what could be more exciting than that?