Drug induced nutrient depletion is a term used to describe the effect that certain prescription medications can have on your body’s nutrient stores. This concept has been well studied, but unfortunately it's not often talked about by your family doctor or pharmacist. The good news is that boosting these depleted nutrients, either by a change in diet or by taking supplements, can help restore or even reverse the unintentional loss. Some of the most common offenders are antibiotics, antacids, cholesterol medication and the birth control pill.

If you have recently stopped the birth control pill or are considering restarting it postpartum, be aware that hormonal birth control (in various forms, not just the pill) can deplete several key nutrients that are required for the proper functioning of the reproductive system, maintenance of good gut health and prevention of inflammation. Additionally, the nutrient deficiencies caused by birth control, if not corrected over time, can also contribute to challenges with mood and anxiety.

Whether you are currently taking birth control, have stopped it within the last five years or are considering starting it, it’s important to make sure that you are getting adequate amounts of these nutrients through a combination of diet and supplementation.


Birth control tends to deplete your body's natural stores of many essential vitamins and nutrients, so taking a high quality multivitamin supplement will help to restore that balance.


Healthy gut bacteria contain enzymes that help to clear out excess estrogen so ensuring you have a healthy microbiome will help support hormonal balance.


This is one of the most critical minerals when it comes to hormonal health and it can help restore balance to hormones and help with any sleep changes or difficulties you may be experiencing as a result.


Balancing hormones can be a stressful job and Vitamin C helps to support your adrenals, keep your energy up and your skin in check.


Because zinc is so critical in hormone balance, it is important to make sure you are replenishing this one. Also, it may help manage any breakouts you might be experiencing if you recently came off the pill


The pill tends to deplete your body's natural store of B vitamins which are incredibly critical for overall detoxification and hormone balance.

It is important to note that while these supplements can help replenish any losses caused by birth control, each woman has unique and individual needs. Always check with your primary care provider to ensure these are right for you.

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