Gender Neutral Nursery Theme Ideas

You don’t have to limit your nursery themes to princesses and superheroes. These themes work for boys or girls and are full of charm, whimsy, and present plenty of options when shopping or registering for your baby:

  • Forest. Trees, plants, and lots of small, cute woodland creatures await when you choose this theme.
  • Jungle. More flora and fauna here, with a warm-weather twist and wild colors and wild animals alike.
  • Beach and ocean. Lovers of marine life and fun in the sun may find this to be the perfect choice.
  • Outer space. This out-of-this-world theme presents lots of options for sparkling lights.
  • Your favorite children’s book. Gift your little one with the wonder of one of your personal favorites.
  • Fairytales. All children love fairytales, and this whimsical theme offers lots for decorators to love, too.
  • The alphabet. A classic childhood motif, decorating with letters doesn’t come with a learning curve.
  • Shapes. Circles, squares, triangles—maybe chevrons and lightning bolts!

Gender Neutral Nursery Color Scheme Ideas

“Pink is for girls, blue is for boys” is a construct—and only a recent one. In fact, in generations past it used to be flipflopped. Colors aren’t innately gendered, nor does your baby nursery need to be. Here are some ideas for color schemes for the gender-neutral nursery you’re designing:

  • Neutrals. What’s more neutral than neutral? Nothing. Whether you choose warm neutrals or cool neutrals, this is a chic approach to a gender-neutral nursery that is somehow both timeless and modern at the same time. Just don’t forget to add some pops of accent color.
  • Oranges, yellows, or greens. To be clear, using all three of these mid-color wheel colors at the same time may not be a great idea, but these shades are the tried-and-true gender-neutral nursery go-tos.
  • Any color you please. When it comes down to it, the most important thing to consider when creating a gender-neutral nursery—or any kind of nursery—is that it’s a place your family finds soothing and enjoyable to spend time in with baby.

How to Ask for Gender Neutral Baby Gifts

There are lots of reasons to ask loved ones for gender neutral gifts. Maybe you’re waiting to learn baby’s gender, or you’re keeping it a secret until after your little one arrives, or you simply aren’t interested in overtly gendered items. While this may seem like a tricky prospect—or even an invitation to invasive questions and unasked for opinions—it can be as simple as being direct and succinct:

  • Register for items in gender neutral colors or items that match the theme you’ve chosen for baby’s gender-neutral nursery.
  • Tell inquirers “We’re decorating around this specific color.”
  • If pressed, consider adding “We’d like items that can work for boys or girls”—maybe to reuse them easily, or because you’re waiting to learn the gender, or for whatever reason you wish to give.

No matter which theme or color scheme you choose, take the time to enjoy putting together your gender-neutral nursery for your baby. This is the place where you’ll be putting your baby to be to bed. Imagine all the moments you’ll share with your little one in this space and create the kind of room that’ll be best for your little family.