What Does It Do?

  • Helps your body absorb calcium and phosphorus
  • Aids in bone strengthening by helping deposit these minerals into your bones
  • Helps maintain blood levels of calcium and phosphorus
  • Helps support a healthy immune system

How Much Do We Need?

The dietary reference intake for pregnant and breastfeeding women is 600 IU (15 µg) of vitamin D per day. Because vitamin D is found in relatively few foods, but has so many important functions, the Canadian Paediatric Society recommends that pregnant and lactating women consider taking a vitamin D supplement of 2000 IU/day. Talk to your doctor or dietitian about what supplement is appropriate for you.

Where Can I Get It?

Your skin makes vitamin D from exposure to sunlight in the summer months. Vitamin D occurs naturally in only a few foods (fish, sun dried shiitake mushrooms) so it's best to look for foods that have been fortified with vitamin D:

  • Fortified cow’s milk
  • Fortified orange juice
  • Fortified soy beverages
  • Margarine

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