Communication and Social Development

Your baby has reached a new level of coordination, independence, playfulness, emotional and verbal response. He is becoming increasingly alert and social. He may demonstrate a wider range of emotions, including fascination and boredom. He can create different vowel sounds on his own, called cooing, and may use a variety of sounds and gestures as “conversation”.
Encourage his progress through interactive play and conversation. Mimic his sounds and talk your way through the day, introducing and explaining his everyday surroundings. Explore different pitches and rhythms to discover which ones your baby enjoys. Experiment with different cadences, and notice what makes him turn toward you.

Why is Nutrition Important?

Babies require a balanced diet that includes adequate amounts of essential nutrients to fuel their healthy growth and development. Iron is a key factor in red blood cell formation. Without adequate supplies of iron, your baby will form fewer neural connections, resulting in both mental and motor impairments. Deficiencies in this mineral also affect learning, memory and attention. It is recommended that infants from 0 – 6 months consume 0.27 mg per day from either breast milk or iron-enriched formula such as Enfamil A+ ®.

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