Mom’s Tip of the Week 19

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You may need to slow down when switching positions. At 19 weeks pregnant, it’s the time that many women develop round ligament pain—sharp pangs or aches on one or both sides of your lower abdominal muscles—especially when standing from a seated or prone position too quickly. The cause? The ligaments that are supporting your growing uterus are stretched pretty thin. Take a seat and try to get comfortable until the ache passes. (If it doesn’t pass, make contact with your doctor.)

Your Baby at 19 Weeks Pregnant

What’s Happening in There

  • Your baby is about the size of a mango. He measures six inches in length and weighs about half a pound.
  • His skin has a waxy coating. It is called vernix caseosa, a white, cheese like substance that will protect your baby’s sensitive skin against chapping, scratches, and abrasions, as well as wrinkling or hardening from exposure to the amniotic fluid. This coating decreases as your baby grows in utero; any that’s remaining at birth will easily wash away in your baby’s first bath.
  • Her reproductive system is developing. If you’re having a baby girl, her uterus and vagina may begin forming once you’re 19 weeks pregnant.
  • His hair and eyebrows are growing. Since week 15, your baby’s scalp has been developing a hair pattern, and now, at 19 weeks pregnant, that hair is starting to fill in nicely.
  • He is starting to prepare for birth. Your baby is developing a layer of brown fat, which will provide warmth to his tiny body after he no longer has your womb to keep him cozy.

Baby Brain Waves

Your Baby’s Brain Is Developing

By this pointyour baby’s nerve cells (neurons) have made important connections to his muscles. This—along with his hardening bones and lengthening limbs—are enabling him to perform more of those amazing baby acrobatics you’ve been feeling.

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