Where did it go? A cognitive development game
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The end for grow a plus learn and grow video series is back with another great episode we can't wait to show you where to go a cognitive development game for 16 month old toddlers this activity comes with a lot of benefits it teaches the concept of object permanence and logical reasoning it boosts problem-solving skills and encourages discovery through curiosity plus it strengthens self-confidence and the bond between you ready to play sit together with your toddler at a table now lay out two pieces of cloth and a cup show your child a small toy then put it in the cup then take it out and hide it under a cloth finally hand them the cup and ask where the toy went your toddler will know right away to look under the cloth and not inside the cup congratulate their achievement by showering them with applause this activity is a great way to boost logic and reasoning in children best of all it helps nurture their natural sense of curiosity find more development boosting games at enfagrow.ca

Where did it go? A cognitive development game

We can’t wait to show you “Where did it go?", a cognitive development game for 16-month-old toddlers.