Tub Fun, a social development game
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Welcome to the Enfagrow A+ Learn and Grow video series. Ready for another episode? Top fun is one of our favorite social development games designed for 17-month-old toddlers. This activity comes with many benefits. It encourages role play. It boosts dexterity and sensory integration through manipulation of different elements. Plus, it promotes multi-sensory experiences. Ready? Let's go. First, sit your toddler in a tub with just a bit of water. Next, hand them a sponge to soak in water and clean themselves. Show your child how to squeeze water out of a sponge. Finally, hand them a cup to fill an empty or just for play. During the activity, your toddler will experience all kinds of fun sensations through water play. They'll splash and get wet. They'll feel the water on their skin and taste it on their lips. They'll listen to the sound of water. As always, reward their new discoveries with around of applause. Find more development-boosting games at enfagrow.ca.

Tub Fun, a social development game

Ready for another episode? “Tub Fun" is one of our favourite social development games, designed for 17-month-old toddlers.