Terrific Tube, a cognitive development game
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it's time for another episode in our enfagrow a plus learn and grow video series we're excited to play a cognitive development game called terrific tube made for 24 month old toddlers let's go over what makes this game so great it helps boost problem solving skills it supports hand-eye coordination and adaptive skills plus it strengthens self-confidence and the bond between you ready to begin sit with your toddler at a table or on the floor now roll a piece of card stock into a tube and tape or glue the edges together next give your toddler a necklace and ask them to slide it through the tube your child will manipulate the necklace so that it enters the tube and passes through the other side now crumple some paper into a ball just big enough to get stuck in the tube wait for your toddler to push it through with their hand or you can offer them a pencil congratulate your little one and reward them with hugs this activity is a great way to boost their problem solving skills and encourages the use of both hands above all you're boosting their self-esteem every moment you share together find more development boosting games at infogrow.ca

Terrific Tube, a cognitive development game

We’re excited to play a cognitive development game called “Terrific Tube", made for 24-month-old toddlers.