Shape Shift, a cognitive development game
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from us to you the enfagrow a plus learn and grow video series is pleased to present shapeshift a fun cognitive development game designed especially for 18 month old toddlers let's talk about the benefits it teaches geometric shapes object matching and color recognition it boosts hand-eye coordination and balance plus it strengthens self-confidence and the bond between you ready to begin sit with your child on the floor or at a table next cut large geometric shapes from cardboard or foam then show your toddler which shape is a circle a square or a triangle continue to repeat the name of each shape you even can line them up like a train or stack them another fun game is to lay the shapes on the ground and jump from one to another while calling out their names bonus you can even call out their colors as always don't forget to congratulate and reward your toddler for every win this activity is a great way to boost their ability to recognize geometric shapes best of all your toddler will love learning and playing with you find more development boosting games at

Shape Shift, a cognitive development game

We’re pleased to present “Shape Shift", a fun cognitive development game especially for 18-month-old toddlers.