Magnet Play, a communication development game
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welcome back to the infogrow a plus learn and grow video series we can't wait to share magnet play a communication development game that's perfect for 22 month old toddlers there's a lot to love about this activity it fosters language development and learning through experimentation it encourages visual recognition of objects shapes and animals boosts eye hand coordination and fine motor skills plus it strengthens self-confidence and the bond between you ready to play first give your toddler a box of magnets you can also use stickers now invite your child to place the magnets on the magnetic board with stickers use a piece of paper during the game call out every item they take from the box by name you can also play hide a magnet and ask them to choose a hand when your child finds the magnet stick it to the board and then congratulate them on their win if using stickers your little one will love putting them on their hands legs and tummy at the end of the game applaud and give lots of hugs this activity is a great way to boost self-expression motor skills and object recognition but above all you're building their self-esteem and the bond between you find more development boosting games at

Magnet Play, a communication development game

We can’t wait to share “Magnet Play", a communication development game that’s perfect for 22-month-old toddlers.