Magic Toy, a cognitive development game
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It's time for another episode in our Enfagrow A plus learn and grow video series. Let's play Magic Toy, a cognitive development game made especially for 24-month-old toddlers. Why do we like this game? Well, it helps boost deductive reasoning and working memory. Plus, it strengthens self-confidence and the bond between you. Ready? To begin, sit with your toddler at a table or on the floor. Now, lay out three cloths with a small toy. Take the toy and pass your hand under each cloth, leaving the toy under one of them. Finally, ask your child, where is it? They'll grab each cloth until they find the one hiding the toy. If your toddler doesn't make a move, do it for them and celebrate together. Repeat the exercise, moving the toy to a different spot each time. When the game is over, congratulate your little one with hugs. This activity is a great way to boost deductive reasoning and memory. Best of all, when you play together, you help strengthen their self-confidence and your bond. Find more development boosting games at

Magic Toy, a cognitive development game

Let’s play “Magic Toy", a cognitive development game especially for 24-month-old toddlers.