Greeting Cards, a social development game
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introducing the enfagrow a plus learn and grow video series in this episode we're unveiling greeting cards a social development game for artistic 21 month old toddlers let's go over what makes this game so great it helps develop the use of simple gestures it boosts cognitive development fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination plus it encourages tactile and visual stimulation creativity and imagination ready to begin sit with your toddler on the floor or at the table now lay out some paper and crayons to make a greeting card give your toddler plenty of time to color and create next take the paper fold it and ask your little one who they'd like to send it to celebrate their beautiful work with hugs and kisses this activity is a great way to stimulate expressive language best of all you're creating a memory to share with a lucky family member or friend find more development boosting games at

Greeting Cards, a social development game

In this episode, we’re unveiling “Greeting Cards", a social development game for artistic 21-month-old toddlers.