Toddler Tips: Exercises to Develop Emotional Intelligence
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As your child grows from infant to toddler they begin seeing themselves as well selves so here are a few simple examples of exercises to help with a smooth transition as they begin vying for independence with an increased sense of autonomy your child will want to start trying to do everything by themselves so give them choices let them pick out their clothes for example or choose the book during story time this offers them a good boost of confidence and helps with the transition now as they get older consider games such as hide-and-seek activities that encourage them to move around and explore give them a real sense of Independence not to mention you'll both have a lot of fun in the process sometimes your little one won't be happy and it will test your patience but don't let the infamous term the terrible twos fool you Tantrums happen as your toddler is learning to control emotions so stay strong and experiment with different methods to discover what works best to calm your little one down good luck you

Toddler Tips: Exercises to Develop Emotional Intelligence

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Don't let the infamous terrible twos fool you! In this episode we give some examples of simple exercises to help transition your toddler as they begin seeing themselves as selves.