Dress Up, communication development game
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Welcome to the Enfagrow A plus learn and grow video series. Ready for another episode? Dress up is one of our favorite communication development games made for 20-month-old toddlers. This activity comes with many benefits. It helps boost vocabulary and word object learning. It teaches independence with daily routines and helps with fine motor skills. Plus, it encourages role play to process everyday situations and experiences. Ready? Ask your toddler to choose some clothes for their doll. You can try phrases like, let's see how this hat fits, how about these pants, and so on. Then, encourage your child to remove the doll's clothes and try a different outfit. Don't hesitate to lend a hand. Most importantly, offer your congratulations when your toddler manages to dress or undress the doll. And for extra excitement, throw in some of your personal accessories, such as a scarf or sunglasses. Find more development boosting games at Enfagrow.ca.

Dress Up, communication development game

“Dress Up", is one of our favourite communication development games, made for 20-month-old toddlers.