Collage, a motor development game
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The Enfagrow A+ Learn and Grow video series is back with another great episode. Get ready for "Collage," a motor development game designed for 22-month-old toddlers. This activity comes with a lot of benefits. It boosts fine motor skills, introduces the concept of different textures. It strengthens self-confidence and the bond between you. Plus, it helps develop organizational skills. Ready? Let's go. To begin, sit with your toddler at a table or on the floor. Now, take out some paper or newspaper and glue. Next, show your toddler how to tear the paper into strips or crumple it into balls. Together, glue these little strips and crumpled balls to a piece of paper. When your collage is complete, congratulate your toddler on their wonderful work of art. And remember to wash your hands. This activity is a great way to boost their fine motor skills and their self-confidence. Best of all, your child is learning while having fun with one of their favorite people, you. Find more development-boosting games at

Collage, a motor development game

Get ready for “Collage", a motor development game designed for 22-month-olds toddlers.