Camping, a social development game
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introducing the enfagrow a-plus learn and grow video series in this episode we're sharing a social development game called camping made for 19 month old toddlers let's go over what makes this game so great it helps develop symbolic play to represent everyday situations and experiences it encourages motor development imagination and adventuring plus it teaches the concept of day and night ready to play take a table or two chairs and lay a sheet over them to make a tent next explain that you're camping and invite your little one to enter the tent give them a tour and explore every corner then pretend that it's dark outside and you need to rest close your eyes and make snoring sounds you can encourage your toddler to try it too finish up your adventure with hugs and kisses this activity is a great way to stimulate your child's imagination and creativity best of all it helps turn learning moments into beautiful memories find more development boosting games at

Camping, a social development game

In this episode, we’re sharing a social development game called “Camping", made for 19-month-old toddlers.