Balloons, a motor development game
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the enfagrow a-plus learn and grow video series is back with another fun-filled episode get swept away by balloons a motor development game for 24 month old toddlers there's a lot to love about this activity it supports motor skills following simple commands taking turns the concept of direction and counting plus it strengthens self-confidence and the bond between you ready let's go to begin stand a few steps apart facing each other now give your toddler a balloon and ask them to throw it to you encourage your child with phrases like may i have it over here or whatever comes to mind during the game move around and try switching places this should make for even more fun and giggles you can also count aloud the number of times your little one drops the balloon then finish the exercise with hugs this activity is a great way to boost your toddler's motor skills while teaching them to count and list plus every moment they spend with you helps build their self-confidence find more development boosting games at

Balloons, a motor development game

Get swept away by “Balloons", a motor development game for 24-month-old toddlers.


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