Cognitive and Motor Development

Thanks to his increased core strength, your baby may try to roll over in both directions and sit with or without support,or by putting his hands on the floor, for a period of time. To get into this position on his own, however, may take a little bit longer given the amount of muscle coordination and strength required for a baby to discover how to move from lying down to sitting up. Kicking his legs to pivot on the floor is the next step. Most babies will not be able to get into the seated position until 7 or 8 months of age and some even skip this milestone all together and proceed directly to crawling (in one form or another). Build on your baby's more developed physical control by sitting him up, unsupported. Surround him with pillows for support and safety and watch carefully in case he falls.

Why is Nutrition Important?

The earlier that you establish a proper diet for your baby, the better the results. In other words, by providing your child with optimal nutrition from the start, you are best supporting him to successfully reach his developmental milestones. Foster healthy eating habits and food choices by offering your growing baby a variety of wholesome, nutrient-rich foods to satisfy his dietary needs.
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