Did you know that trillions of bacteria already naturally live in the digestive tract that help the body to digest, build a healthy immune system and prevent infection? The bacteria in our digestive tract are usually acquired around the time of birth from our mother during delivery and shortly afterwards from the environment.

New Enfamil A+ ® and Infant formulas with probiotics are designed to help support normal healthy digestion; however, there are some distinctive differences to consider.

Probiotics are live microorganisms (i.e. bacteria) that have been added to some infant formulas. They can be most helpful for infants with health concerns for which the particular probiotic has been shown to be effective.

New Enfamil A+ contains two dietary fibres (galactooligosaccharides and polydextrose) that act as food for good bacteria, helping (or encouraging) the naturally occurring “good” bacteria in our digestive tract to grow and multiply. Fiber helps support digestion. These two dietary fibres are naturally found in some fruits and vegetables. Breast milk also contains fiber called human milk oligosaccharides, which act as food for good bacteria. In fact, they are the 3rd largest component of breast milk after lactose and fat.​