Enfamil A+® NeuroPro, Enfamil A+® and Enfamil A+® NeuroPro Gentlease® all contain an expert-recommended level of brain-building DHA*, a type of Omega-3 fat and an important building block of baby’s rapidly developing brain. Enfamil A+® NeuroPro contains our exclusive blend including 2’-FL for immune support, and naturally occuring MFGM components. Enfamil A+® contains our exclusive DuoFibre§ blend that feeds immune supporting bacteria in your baby’s gut. Enfamil A+® NeuroPro Gentlease® is designed to help reduce fussiness, crying, and gas in 24 hours# with easy-to-digest proteins.

* DHA supports normal physical brain development.

† HuM06 blend of Polydextrose, GOS, 2’-FL, Vit C & E and Selenium.

‡ From whey protein concentrate.

§ IQVIA report, 2023 data.

# NIELSEN, 2023 data.

¶ Premium members get 10% off, equivalent to up to $60 savings. $60 is equal to 10% off a maximum order value of $600. The 10% off discount code is for one-time use.

// Premium Guarantee allows you to get a full $49.99 refund by your baby’s 2nd month, should you decide to breastfeed. Formula must be unused. Simply call customer service for additional details.

Enfamil A+® NeuroPro is available through Health Canada’s Interim Policy on the importation and sale of infant formulas.