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1 Newborn
2 Infant
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Giving your baby a great start has never been easier

Ready to Feed Convenience for New Moms Breast milk is the optimal nutrition for your baby. It is the gold standard by which we design our formulas. If yo​u choose to formula feed your newborn at hospital or at home, Enfamil A+ ready to feed bottles make it easy. Our NEW ready to feed bottles are easy to hold, recyclable and create less waste, as the 59 mL volume closely matches the normal feeding amount for young infants. The bottle, which fits all standard nipples, and our NEW Enfamil® standard-flow soft nipples, is easy to use: simply remove the top, place the new nipple on and twist closed. Now you have the convenience of feeding your baby any time of day, anywhere! Giving your baby a great start has never been easier.

These new, convenient ready to feed bottles and standard-flow soft nipples are available at all major retailers across Canada.

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Getting Prepared for Baby

Be ready by packing essentials for hospital and home

For the hospital

  • Enfamil A+ ready to feed bottles to supplement breastfeeding
  • Plenty of diapers and wipes
  • 2-3 sleepers and swaddling blankets
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For home

  • Properly installed infant car seat
  • Presents from the baby, if you have other children
  • Convenient, ready to feed Enfamil A+ bottles for when you get home with
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