Enfamil A+® NeuroPro Gentlease® is designed to reduce fussiness, crying, and gas in 24 hours 1 It is the leading infant formula 2 that has easy-to-digest proteins 3 , an expert-recommended level of DHA 4 which supports normal physical brain development, our exclusive fibre blend of Polydextrose and GOS 5 shown to promote softer stools 6, 7, partially hydrolyzed proteins, reduced lactose 8, and naturally occurring MFGM components9. Breastfeeding is best for babies and is preferred whenever possible.

1 Berseth et al. study, 2009.

2 IQVIA report, 2022 data.

3 Similar to all infant formulas.

4 World Health Organization recommended amount of DHA is 0.2%-0.36% of total fatty acids. Enfamil has 0.32% of total fatty acids as DHA, similar to the world average amount found in world-wide mature breast milk.

5 In powder format only.

6 Shown in Enfamil infant formula compared to Enfamil without fibre blend.

7 Ziegler et al. study, 2007.

8 ~1/5 of the lactose of a full-lactose, routine, milk-based formula.

9 From whey protein concentrate.