While you’re busy buying all the gear you’re going to need for your baby and setting up the nursery, you’ll likely need to do some shopping for yourself. Here are some tips for shopping for maternity clothes—and your post-pregnancy wardrobe.

Maternity Clothes Shopping Tips: Before You Go

Even if you love to go clothes shopping, it may be the last thing on your to-do list while you’re pregnant—that is until you find that you’ve been living in oversized tees and loose sundresses because your favorite jeans can’t quite fit over your growing baby bump. But before you head to the store or jump online to start building your pregnancy wardrobe, try out our favorite maternity clothes tip: Go shopping in your closet to see what might still work for you. You may find that you have plenty of outfit options that’ll keep you looking and feeling fabulous until your little one arrives.

Your Pregnancy Wardrobe

After you’ve done your closet inventory, you’ll have a better idea of what maternity clothes you do and don’t need to buy for your pregnancy wardrobe. This list of must-haves may already exist in your closet, or you can pick them up second-hand if you’re trying to save. Think you’ll have more than one kid? Consider investing in a couple high-quality, classic staple pieces.

  • Maxi dresses. Spring and summer bo-ho favorites are perfect for covering your burgeoning bump.

  • Stretchy leggings. We love our yoga pants for lounging and hitting the gym, and they’ll continue to be a wardrobe staple as your body changes.

  • Comfy tees. We don’t mean the oversized novelty T-shirts taking up space in an unseen drawer. Find soft, stretchy T-shirts that will flatter your figure.

  • Maternity jeans. Sometimes you just want to wear a pair of jeans.

  • A belly band. You likely don’t have one of these in your underwear drawer, but adding this compression and support garment to your pregnancy wardrobe will keep both you and the baby on board comfy.

  • Oversized layers (maybe even menswear). Oversized sweaters or men’s blazers don’t have to look dumpy—go for chic comfort with structured cardis and classic men’s cuts.

Your Post-Pregnancy Wardrobe

When baby arrives, there’s a good chance you won’t want to—or have time to—think about what you’re wearing, let alone go shopping for a post-pregnancy wardrobe. Time for our favorite maternity clothes tip to resurface, this time as a post-pregnancy clothes tip: Check out your closet again. Thankfully, lots of what worked during your pregnancy can serve you just as well post-pregnancy. Aside from the comfy, stretchy, forgiving pieces in your closet for while you’re with child, make sure you have the following pieces ready for when your little one enters the world.

  • Pieces that make nursing easy (if you choose to breastfeed). Thankfully, lots of maternity clothes are designed to do double-duty as nursing gear—keep this in mind when you make your selections.

  • Pieces with ruching and draping. Tops and dresses with creative folds can help conceal trouble spots you may not feel too keen to show off.

  • Forgiving flats. Even if you’re not one of the gals who will experience expanding feet during pregnancy, flats that are comfortable and have some give will be your new best friends.

  • Compression garments. Even if your doc doesn’t specifically suggest supportive compression garments for your postnatal healing, you may find comfort in their body-hugging snugness.

Feeling confident about how you’re dressed can help keep your mood boosted during this beautiful but stressful time. Most importantly, feeling comfortable in your clothes—and your skin—will help moms-to-be feel well prepared to take care of herself and her forthcoming bundle of joy.

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