Tayler's Story: Why Supplement With Formula - Share Your
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you don't know anything going into being a mom you're not prepared for anything I read books I read all the books but that kind of prepared me for this you get overwhelmed so quickly being a new mom and sometimes you just gotta take a breath chill out for a second it's going to be okay you will always find a way pumping did not work for me and so then I tried formula and it was just it was just my way to go it was around four months when I started the Enfamil it got recommended by her doctor because I needed an alternative for breast milk because she wouldn't drink it and it didn't seem to hold her she didn't seem to be satisfied that's when we started supplementing and so she's happy I'm happy being a mom is such an important job that if someone wants to breastfeed let him breastfeed and if somebody wants to give their baby formula let them give their baby formula and be supportive me and Lea just have a thing I don't know how to explain it but it's a thing she gives me the look and I'm like I was time for a diaper change I know a milk grunt from a food grunt in the flour when you have a baby you just have like a connection and you're like you're my person the most important person is right in front of Nina and yeah that's you

Tayler's Story: Why Supplement With Formula - Share Your

Why supplement with formula? Watch Tayler share her story about nursing and supplementing with formula. Learn about the benefits of formula-feeding with Enfamil A+®, and share your own story with us in the comments area below.