Episode 8 - Getting Ready to go to the Hospital
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hi and welcome back to amazing milestones well I don't know about you but I have already started making my list of what I think I need to bring to the hospital and I have to tell you I never thought packing a bag would be so difficult I obviously don't want to forget anything so luckily today I will be talking with nurse Melanie mocchi and she's gonna tell us what we really need to bring and how we should prepare so welcome to the show Melanie thank you so when should my suitcase be ready for the hospital ideally around the 37 weeks of pregnancy because at that date we we don't know when the the works will begin so and I suggest you to put together in the house the suitcase and the car seat okay and what do I put in my suitcase okay so for their mother first of all the birth plan your birth plan right okay and your cosmetics so shampoo soap toothpaste everything oh my nursing bra and nursing pad too obviously that's for a mom that is planning on breastfeeding yes yes of course comfortable clothes for day and for night too okay maxi pad yes the biggest one yeah of course snacks would be a good thing and a nightgown and slippers so you will be more comfortable to walk on the department with those so for the baby yes diapers newborn size with an opening for the umbilical cord because they don't give diapers for the baby really I know so then how many diapers should we bring around 20 will be enough okay okay close to so pajamas cover layer everything for the baby and a blanket because at the hospital and the blanket can be dirty so it will be more difficult to get new one so a little like a baby blanket just one just one yeah just one will be enough and the car seat for a newborn for a newborn yeah and for the father the clothes comfortable clothes and he discussed his cosmetics Oh toothpaste soap everything you will need the camera to take yeah and snacks to for the router and a pillow because at the hospital they will give the pillow for the mother but for the father it it's more difficult to get one so I suggest you to bring a pillow absolutely I would have never thought of that so that's right okay that's it that's it yep okay well it's almost time for me to pack now that's all for today next time we are gonna be talking about cow's milk protein allergy it is a lot more common than you think so don't miss the show see you then

Episode 8 - Getting Ready to go to the Hospital

On today's episode we will share some tips on getting ready to pack for your trip to the hospital when the time comes. Stay tuned for advice on what, when and how to prepare for this trip.