What to Expect In the Third Trimester - Episode 5 (Part 2)
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hi and welcome back to amazing milestones on our last episode we talked to dr. Benoit about what to expect during your first and second trimester of pregnancy so today we are gonna talk about the third trimester hi dr. Benoit hi so when a woman is entering her third trimester she is probably a little bit more tired and a little uncomfortable because the baby's taking up more room but what other changes can she expect on a physical level so basically one of the changes is the back and lower doses so basically the back pain associated with the big belly and kind of the curving of the lower back so that's a change that a lot of women do experience at this stage otherwise there's some women to experience memory not lost but shortages I remember that thank you brain exactly and otherwise there's a bit of pain like in the hips and things like that well why why do we have those hip pains I remember that I also remember cramping in my legs so why does that happen is there anything we can do about that so in terms of hip pain the main reason for that is that there's some hormones in the in the body that is secreted to in order to prepare for delivery so these hormones create your joint laxity so basically a bit more space for the baby to go in for labour in terms of like crumbs and they do occur because at the end of the pregnancy it's very common it's sometimes electrolyte imbalances or dehydration can cause that so the main thing in order to prevent it is really to stay hydrated and take the multivitamin of pregnancy okay drink a lot of water yeah again and what about the swelling that happens often in our wrists ankles is there anything we can do about that and what does that happen so basically it happens throughout pregnancy but it more especially during the third trimester and one of the main reason for that is that the increased blood volume in the body and as well as the decrease blood return to the heart so basically because of the big belly the the baby the blood stays more in the legs and can create so I'm swelling okay now I didn't experience this but I had a girlfriend of mine who had really bad heartburn during the third trimester especially it seemed like as the baby was growing it was just worsening so why is that and what can we do about it so the heartburn can be felt throughout pregnancy but especially at the end of the pregnancy for sure and the reason for that is that different hormones to affect the stomach and some Specter at the at the top of the stomach and what we can do about it is basically again it's me eat small meals more frequently during the night some women do put many pillows behind their their head and shoulders just in order to to raise the upper body and otherwise there's some prescribed and there are some prescribed medications and other medications as well that came to take you well let's talk about that delivery now of course towards the end of the pregnancy our fatigue is often at a at a peak level so what can a woman do to manage her fatigue in order to be in the best shape possible for delivery so at the end of the pregnancy it's very important to rest a bit so what I suggest is to take naps in the afternoon especially if the woman does have insomnia during the night which happens very often at the end of the pregnancy and the other thing is to eat well drink a lot of water and exercise regularly well that was great advice I'm sure it will help a lot of pregnant women watching so thank you very very much dr. Kumar thank you pregnancy is quite a ride but when you know what's to come and how to cope it just gets that much better next time we're going to talk about sleep we will give you some tips for you on your baby on how to improve the quality of your sleep see you then you

What to Expect In the Third Trimester - Episode 5 (Part 2)

Today's episode will discuss what to expect during pregnancy. With the help of our guest, Dr. Benoit, we will go step-by-step through each trimester to discuss what you might be experiencing, how to cope and what to expect in the months to come.