What to Expect in the First and Second Trimesters - Episode 5 (Part 1)
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Hi thanks for joining us today on amazing milestones I'm Tara I'm your host and today we're going to talk about what to expect during pregnancy with the help of our expert we will go step-by-step through each trimester and talk about what you might be experiencing there's a lot to cover so let's get started hi dr. Benoit hi welcome to the show thank you very much for having me oh thank you for being here so first off I want to know what physical changes can a woman expect during her first trimester first of all I have to say that all women are different and they do experience different things in pregnancy however in general many women to experience breast enlargement and increased sensitivity during the first trimester afterwards a lot of women do experience a lot of fatigue at the beginning of the pregnancy as well as some nausea and vomiting especially during their first trimester well let's talk about that why do we experience this morning sickness and when does it start and especially what can we do about it because I know it can be really hard for a lot of women so basically I can start as early as the woman knows that she's pregnant and morning sickness can happen at any time often it's in the morning but some women to experience it all day long unfortunately for them exactly and it's mainly during the first trimester because their hormone levels or pregnancy hormone levels are at its highest and a lot of things can be done about it so sometimes it's just eating small meal meals or snacks here and there otherwise some women do take vitamin b6 which can help as well as some ginger other words there are some prescribed medications that can help as well okay getting back to the hormones how else do they affect a woman's body during pregnancy so there are many hormones that that are increased during pregnancy so basically the progesterone is increase causing the fatigue that the women fills the pregnancy hormone has increased causing the nausea the vomiting kind of a feeling of being different and then other hormones can affect constipation as well as heartburn and different things so leaving the first trimester entering the second trimester hopefully we have more energy no more nausea what can we expect in terms of physical changes so basically in the second trimester what's what's interesting about it is that the women starts experiencing the babies movement like feeling this so that's a good thing it's great usually the energy is back a bit more however their belly starts to grow so sometimes there's some associated abdominal pain with this time around and and then some do some women do experience constipation as well as heartburn and things like that well another great thing besides feeling the baby move which is wonderful is that glow that you often see in women during that second trimester so what is happening to our skin at that time and I believe that the glow is more about the app and happiness of the women at that stage from what I know however there are some women that do have better skin during pregnancies secondary to all the different hormone changes however some women do experience acne and things like that during prayer do you have any specific tips for women that are entering their second trimester basically the main things that the women have to do is to eat healthy drink a lot of water so we recommend 3 liters a day of water otherwise it's very important to exercise regularly so we recommend moderate exercise for at least 30 minutes a day and otherwise the regular check-ups with her doctor is a very important ok well thank you very much that was really pertinent information on the first and second trimester but this is all the time we have so join us next time when we continue our conversation and explore the third trimester of pregnancy see you then you

What to Expect in the First and Second Trimesters - Episode 5 (Part 1)

Today's episode will discuss what to expect during pregnancy. With the help of our guest, Dr. Benoit, we will go step-by-step through each trimester to discuss what you might be experiencing, how to cope and what to expect in the months to come.