What to Know about Travelling with a Baby - Episode 2
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hi and welcome back to amazing milestones if you're just tuning in for the first time my name is Tara and I am your host I'm also expecting my first baby so I'm very excited and I have to tell you I am looking forward to making the most of my maternity leave my husband and I have already started talking about our first vacation together so of course I started researching you know when can baby travel what do we need to bring so on and so on so tell me with those questions today we're going to meet Sylvia she has an avid traveler and a mother of three so needless to say she is a pro when it comes to traveling with kids now she has generously invited me to her home so this might be late hi Sylvia hi Terra thank you for welcoming me in your home so who's this first of all this is gay and how old is she she is four months well I was really looking forward to meeting you today because my husband wants us to go on a vacation relatively soon after the baby's born and on one hand I'm looking forward to it and I think I want to but I'm not sure I have some concerns so when can a baby travel how early fairly early on I think if the baby's not sick and depending how you're feeling most importantly and your husband whether or not you're settled into your new life okay there's a period called the baby moon or you might want to take a few weeks first so you know until you're feeling recuperated enough to take all the equipment you need to go on a trip including baby but a baby if there's nothing wrong can travel from travel freely early and newborns compared to all other ages of children they're very pretty easy to travel with they sleep a lot okay great and a good period is it safe to fly with my baby yes some airlines may want to see a letter stating how you know if your baby is fit to travel but in general you can fly very easily with a baby children fly for free until they're two years old that's okay I stick to it and when I was young and I flew my ears would hurt so how do I protect my baby's ears on a long flight it doesn't happen with all babies okay it's actually the air pressure in the cabin that affects their babies and usually wit's on the descent that makes it worse okay and sometimes when you take off a one trick is to feed either if you're breastfeeding your baby put them at the breast or bottle feed you can bottle feed as well just prior to takeoff and prior to landing it does help okay I notice during the flight the baby is sleeping so it's not usually an issue okay and if I travel abroad do I need a passport for my baby yes you do need a passport for your children and they're good for up to three years okay and the reason being is that when you take your photo of your baby they change so quickly that after three years you need a new that makes sense that makes sense now what are the must-have items to bring along let's Anand a trip well they're quite a few things you need when traveling with a baby for sure your car seat if you're going in the car I like to have my stroller and I also like to bring a carrier depending where you're going as well to carry your baby changing babies that go through how many diapers a day do they go through many so diapers and wipes to clean perhaps a changing pad of food so whether it be if the babies breastfeeding or bottle feeding everything you need for food preparation and entertainment children even zero to six months you know like to have a few little toys rattles teething toys susers and you may want to bring sunscreen for the day and any medications if the baby's on meds don't forget those and um what if it's an overnight trip same thing or anything at is same things I think you just I need to add your pajamas maybe extra sets of clothes for the day and sleeping think about your sleeping arrangement because that's very important I like to bring my portable pack and play and that way the baby can sleep wherever we stop for the night okay well I already feel a lot more confident about that first trip with my baby so I thank you Sofia Wow there is definitely lots to think about when you're planning on traveling with your baby for the first time I'm Tara this is amazing milestones join us next time when we explore smiling why is it an important milestone for your baby's development and what it means now I'm off to make a vacation packing list bon voyage

What to Know about Travelling with a Baby - Episode 2

On today's episode, we will be talking about travelling with your baby. Wondering if it’s too early for your baby's first trip? Not sure what to bring along? Join us as we discuss various topics and provide a few helpful tips to ensure that your first trip together is a safe and memorable one!