What to Wear When Pregnant: Maternity Fashion Advice - Episode 1
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hi and welcome back to amazing milestones my name is tara and i'm your host and today we are going to talk about fashion maternity fashion it can be really expensive to buy a new wardrobe and nobody wants to spend a fortune on something they're only going to be wearing for a few months so luckily for us today we are going to meet sansare she is a stylist and she is going to share with us her do's and don'ts of maternity clothes audio jungle hi sansa right hi welcome to the show i'm really excited to talk about fashion we're surrounded by amazing maternity clothes now when should a pregnant woman start wearing maternity clothes i would say it's whenever your belly starts to pop it's generally in your second trimester if you're on your first child it might be a little bit sooner if you're on your second or third and are maternity clothes really necessary or can we just go with bigger sizes when you're in your first trimester and you know you're just starting to expand you can probably transition your everyday wardrobe quite easily you can wear the waist a little bit lower or higher than you naturally would there's also some tricks that you can do by attaching uh an elastic band to the buttonhole and looping it through the button like this it'll buy you a bit of extra time that's a great trick but once you start to pop it's really important to buy maternity clothes and i brought my friend melissa along with me today hi melissa to show you why you look great how many weeks are you 34. that's amazing so with maternity clothes it's going to fit your body really nicely they've got the beautiful ruching down the sides and also on your pants you've got this flexible waistband by buying a size that's you know bigger than what you wear it's going to fit you in the tummy and in the bust but you're going to have all this excess fabric around your arms and your legs and it's going to be uncomfortable it's also going to make it really difficult you know on your mood the way you look at yourself in the mirror absolutely because when we feel you know when we look nice we just feel really nice how is that is that comfortable it is yeah i can imagine and what items should all pregnant women have in their wardrobe those must-haves to get through the pregnancy i would say it's really important to have a basic pair of stretchy pants that are you know a neutral color that you're comfortable wearing on a daily basis i like to recommend leggings because absolutely you know they go with everything and they're easy to throw on they're easy to wash also it's important to have a couple of easy tops to wear that you can you know layer for temperature control um you don't want to buy too much because you never know how and when your body's going to change i would expect to shop two to three times through your pregnancy something that you also want to keep in mind is that you might want to wear these tops once you've actually delivered the baby and you begin to breastfeed so you want something that's going to be easy you know easy to do that with the last thing that is very important to have is a little black dress yes i had a little black dress and it worked out so well for so many occasions you don't want to miss an occasion because you don't have something to wear so that's great the great thing about this type of dress is that you know you can change the ribbon depending on where you're going if you want something to add a pop of color but the other thing is that you can change the belt to a little leather belt and it then becomes a piece that you can wear to the office nice well thank you so much that was great advice i wish i had met you when i was pregnant and thank you melissa and good luck thanks and that's all for today join us next time for some tips on how to stay in shape both during and after pregnancy see you then

What to Wear When Pregnant: Maternity Fashion Advice - Episode 1

Welcome back to Amazing Milestones, a new video series designed to provide you with expert advice and pertinent information for everything “babyâ€. Today’s segment is all about fashion – maternity fashion! When it comes to shopping for maternity clothes, affordability, practicality and comfort are key. Join our stylist, Sansyrae as she share's her do's and don't of maternity clothes