Cow's Milk Protein Allergy Symptoms
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hello again and welcome back to amazing milestones my name is Tara and today we're gonna talk about something that I have noticed is a very hot topic in my online mommy forms cow's milk protein allergy based on my research it's definitely something you want to be aware of and quite frankly you want to know what to do if you suspect it in your baby so for more information on this really interesting topic let's go meet our expert dr. Mary Joseph Hawkins hi dr. maka Huayra so I have to tell you until about a month ago I had never heard about cow's milk protein allergy and since then my girlfriend talked to me about it because she's worried that her baby has it my favorite blog mentioned it my prenatal book so we're definitely meant to meet today well it's not surprising because cow milk protein allergy is the most frequent food allergy and children really well what is cow's milk protein ology it's an AI per sensitivity of the immune system toward the protein that we found in cow milk actually the immune system recognized by mistake the protein of cow is like being an aggressor and involve an allergic reaction that can touch different part of the body and how do I know if my baby has this allergy what are the symptoms the signs to watch out for if it's an immediate cow milk allergy what we call the IgE mediated allergy the symptom are quite fast a few minutes after the exposure to milk and can involve different part of the body for the skin it could be itching is hives swelling for the gastrointestinal system it could be diarrhea vomiting and for the respiratory system it's mainly cough or respiratory distress for the what we call the delayed reaction which are non IgE it's only the gastrointestinal involvement like vomiting abdominal discomfort diarrhea mucus or blood in the stools and what do I do if I suspect my baby has the allergy and I'm breastfeeding first it's very important to consult your physician we will advise you to avoid completely milk and dairy products from your own diet and also for the baby a dietitian can definitely support you in trying to find some safe alternative for the mother and what if I'm formula feeding if the baby is firmly fed or if the mom is giving both breastfeeding and formula we will advise to give hypoallergenic formula which is extensively hydrolyzed and is this something that I can expect my baby well grow with time the good news is the vast majority of children with milk allergy will outgrow it between the age of one and five-year-old that is good news and I'm wondering what's the difference between cow's milk protein allergy and lactose intolerance lactose intolerance do not involve the immune system it's a deficiency in lactase which is an enzyme who degrade the sugar in milk all the lactose and we'll give you some symptoms in the gastrointestinal tract like diarrhea bloating gas after exposure to milk and dairy products and if my baby is allergic does that mean that she'll be more susceptible to other food allergies or intolerances yeah actually if it's an immediate reaction involving the IgE which are the antibodies related to allergy is definitely more at risk to develop other food allergy or allergies to pet pollens have asthma in their future however if it's a delayed reaction we don't see more risk of atopy however we do see more either sensitivity to soy in those milk allergic patients good to know well that was a lot of really pertinent information thank you very much doctor for care my pleasure Thank You Terra and there you have it all you need to know about cow's milk protein allergy and how to detect it in your baby join us next time when we explore what it means when your baby makes strange bye for now

Cow's Milk Protein Allergy Symptoms

Episode 9 - What to do if you suspect a cow's milk protein allergy

Today we will cover a topic that is very popular in the parenting community - cow's milk protein allergy. Stay tuned as we discover what to be aware of, what you need to do, and much more if you suspect your baby is showing cow's milk protein allergy symptoms.

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