DHA in Formula: The Benefits of DHA for Babies
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your baby's brain will double in size by their first birthday brain development and DHA go together but what are the benefits of DHA DHA is an important building block of your baby's brain 85% of brain growth is complete by age three nourish your baby today with DHA enriched Enfamil a plus Enfamil a plus is the number one DHA formula chosen by pediatric hospitals and also has a clinically proven level of DHA visit ygh a CA to learn more

DHA in Formula: The Benefits of DHA for Babies

Learn about DHA in formula with Enfamil A+. Watch this video to learn about how DHA supports your child’s brain development and benefits of DHA for babies. Learn more about DHA and Enfamil A+® here:
How Babies Get DHA in Breast Milk and Formula