Signs that your baby is getting enough milk

  • Your baby is sucking strongly, slowly, and steadily.
  • You can see your baby swallowing frequently.
  • Your baby has a strong cry and moves actively.
  • Your baby's mouth is moist.
  • Your baby's eyes are bright and alert.
  • Your baby comes off the breast looking relaxed and content.
  • Your breasts feel softer and less full after breastfeeding.
  • Your baby is growing, feels heavier and is gaining weight.

In the first month, most babies will breastfeed at least 8 times per day (every 1.5 to 3 hours). It is common for babies to nurse often in a short period of time and then go longer between feedings at other times (cluster feeding).There are no set times to feed your baby. Feed your baby when he is showing signs of hunger. At 6-12 weeks, babies may feed 6-10 times or more per day. At 3-6 months, babies may feed 5-8 times or more per day.
During growth spurts, your baby may want to nurse more than usual.

Weight Gain

Breastfed babies may lose up to 7% of their birth weight in the first 3 days after birth. Your baby should then gain at least 4-8 ounces (113-227 grams) a week in the first 3 months, and at least 3-5 ounces (85-142 grams) a week from 4-6 months. Your baby should return to his birth weight by about 2 weeks of age.

Wet Diapers and Stools

Please note this is a guideline only, every baby is different.
After about 1 month of age, some breastfed babies may have 1 very large yellow stool every 1-7 days. This is normal as long as the stool is soft and the baby is healthy. It is also normal for some breastfed babies to have many stools each day.

Baby Stool Table

Baby's Age Wet Diapers Each Day Stools Each Day
1 day old At least 1 wet diaper At least 1-2 per day black or dark green
2 days old At least 2 wet diapers At least 1-2 per day black or dark green
3 days old At least 3 wet diapers At least 3 per day brown, green or yellow
4 days old At least 4 wet diapers At least 3 per day brown, green or yellow
5 days old and after At least 6 heavy wet diapers At least 3 large per day, soft and seedy yellow
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