Language development in toddlers

Keep in mind that there are marked differences between children in their understanding of words. Toddlers often understand more words than they can say. Some stages of language development that should now be expected are the use of self-related words and short sentences. Once your little one is well in the saddle, you will be surprised to see everything he has to say. You may want to have a small notebook handy. These first thoughts are priceless.

Toddler language development stages include:

  • The distinction between words
  • Toddler communication: understanding other people's words and phrases
  • The development of the toddler's speech: the formation of words
  • Learning that some things that look alike have different names, like a "cup" and a "glass of juice"
  • Following simple instructions
  • Using gestures with a word or two to communicate

How can nutrition help toddlers develop language?

Make sure your little one is eating a balanced diet with all the recommended nutrients, carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals they need.

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