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Parents’ reasons for formula-feeding or supplementing breastfeeding by adding bottle-feeding are varied but their goals are similar: a healthy, growing baby who is meeting developmental milestones.

Thinking about nourishing your baby with formula alone or in combination with breast milk? Talking to parents who are a little farther down the formula-feeding path is a great way to feel confident in that decision. Here’s what new Moms and Dads say about how formula worked for their families.

“I have two daughters and from the moment I delivered both girls, they started on Enfamil A+”,

says a Mom from Nepean, Ontario. “I want to thank Enfamil for providing a safe and reliable product which both my daughters took to well. It gives great ease to a mother, when breastfeeding is not successful, that there is another safe option available.”


“As a first-time mom I was determined to breast-feed my baby,” says Nicola K .,


of Victory, New York. But though her daughter seemed to breast-feed well at first, she wasn’t gaining weight. “Finally, after a month, my doctor said it was time to supplement with formula. I was devastated.” Her husband made the first bottle, and everything changed. “All my guilt, sadness, and fear went away after seeing how happy she was.I could tell by her face [that seemed to say], ‘Hey mom, this is good stuff!' 


“Formula was a life saver for us,”


says Shalynn A., a Mom from Midland, Michigan. “Initially I started off breastfeeding Jace, but as we all know not all babies have the easiest time with it. Ours was one of them.” Fortunately, she reports that the changeover from breast milk to bottle was easy. “Jace is growing up to be a healthy baby boy who, with the sound of his laughter and his cheerful smile, lets us know that he looks forward to his feeding times.


“I used Enfamil A+ for my first child when my breast milk stopped producing”,


says a Mom from Okotoks, Alberta. “It was a saving grace. I now have a second child who just turned a month old and is on the same formula. I absolutely love the formula. Thank you Enfamil!”


“For the first 4 months, I exclusively breastfed my baby, but my job requires me to travel. Formula has allowed me to supplement feedings when I am away from my baby and Daddy is caring for her,”


says Leanne H., a Mom from Waukesha, Wisconsin. “It is a great feeling to know that she is getting the nutrition that she needs when I am not there to provide it for her.”


“After my second son was born, the sleepless nights and busy days caring for two little ones left me beyond exhausted. I decided to start supplementing with formula after discussing the options with our pediatrician,”


says Crystal M., of Twentynine Palms, California. “I was surprised how much my baby enjoyed the formula—it really settled him down at night time. Being able to share the feeding experience with my husband has made a tremendous difference for all of us. I'm getting the sleep I need in order to best care for and enjoy my wonderful family. My husband and baby boy enjoy the special bonding during feeding time.”