Specially developed for children after 12 months of age with severe cow's milk protein allergy or multiple food allergies.

For Stages:
  • Tummy Troubles

    Birth +

  • Allergy

    Birth +


Hypoallergenic formulation

PURAMINO A+® JUNIOR is designed for children over 12 months with severe cow's milk protein and multiple food allergies or other conditions requiring an amino acid-based formulation


  • Is a hypoallergenic, amino acid-based powder
  • Can be used as sole source of nutrition* or part of a varied diet
  • Contains MCT oil
  • Contains DHA, a type of Omega-3 fat and an important building block of the brain
  • Iron fortified
  • Suitable for gut impairment conditions that require an elemental diet

PURAMINO A+ JUNIOR can be purchased online or by special order at your local pharmacy. You may purchase PURAMINO A+ JUNIOR online from the Enfamil A+ Shop and other retailers (Amazon.ca, Specialty Food Shop and London Drugs). You may also call or visit your pharmacy and provide the following bar code and item number:


PURAMINO A+ JUNIOR hypoallergenic toddler formula may be available through provincial drug benefits programs. Ask your doctor or pharmacist if you qualify for Alberta Health and WellnessOntario Drug Benefit ProgramRegie de l'assurance Maladie du Quebec or the Saskatchewan Aids to Independent Living Program.

PURAMINO A+ JUNIOR toddler formula is brought to you by the maker of Nutramigen®, specializing in cow's milk protein allergy for more than 75 years.

* Under the evaluation of a health care provider

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