Enfamil Lower Iron Baby Formula

Enfamil® Lower Iron Infant Formula

When lower iron is preferred

For Stages:
  • Newborn

    Birth +

  • Infant

    6 Months +


Enfamil® Lower Iron baby formula is iron fortified, but at lower levels than other Enfamil products. It gives your baby the nutrition he needs to support his normal development*– and you get good value in a baby formula you can trust.
Enfamil Lower Iron:

  • Is easy to digest*
  • Is iron fortified at lower levelsƚ

Looking for a Formula with DHA? Try Enfamil A+.

Did you know that your baby's brain growth will be 85% complete by the age of three?  A baby’s brain contains Omega-3 fat and most of that fat is DHA, an important building block of the brain. Learn more about Enfamil A+®, our closest formula to breast milk. Enfamil A+ contains a clinically proven level of DHA.

For a formula with less iron plus added DHA, try Enfamil A+® Serenity™

Enfamil A+® Serenity™ is lower in iron than Enfamil A+ and contains a fibre blend clinically shown to promote soft stools§. Bonus: It’s also made with a clinically proven level of DHA. DHA helps support baby’s brain development.

Breast feeding is best for babies and is preferred whenever possible.

* Similar to all infant formulas.
ƚ Than other Enfamil brands.
‡ 17% lower iron as compared to Enfamil A+.
§ Studied in Enfamil A+® infant formula compared to same formula without fibre blend

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Busy Toddler Brain

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Baby Formula Calculator

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