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Enfagrow A+ and Toddler Brain Development

85% of brain growth happens by age three.
Enfagrow A+ is an every day toddler nutritional drink with 26 nutrients to help support normal growth and development, including brain-building DHA*, iron, a fibre blend and it’s made with real milk. Add it to your toddler’s everyday diet during mealtime or snack time. Try Enfagrow A+ toddler nutritional drink—get your free Enfagrow A+® sample today.

Help nourish your toddler's development

You toddler’s brain is growing faster than it ever will again. So support it well with balanced nutrition that includes DHA to help support brain development. Enfagrow A+® is an every day toddler nutritional drink that is made with real milk and has:

  • 26 nutrients to help support normal growth**, including iron, calcium, and vitamins C and D

  • Brain-building DHA, a type of Omega-3 fat and an important building block of the brain

  • Two dietary fibres, galactooligosaccharides (GOS) and polydextrose

  • Excellent source of calcium

  • More iron and vitamins C and E than cow's milk

  • Gluten free and kosher

  • Available in Milk Flavour and Vanilla

You can easily add Enfagrow A+ to your toddler’s daily diet at meal or snack time.

Popular with toddlers — but zero DHA

Many toddlers love bananas, macaroni and cheese and green snap beans. But none of these foods contain DHA. Enfagrow A+ is an easy way to give them DHA, every day.

Learn more about your toddler's brain development here

Enfagrow A+ is a nutritional supplement for toddlers 12-36 months old. Not intended for infants under 12 months of age.
*DHA supports the normal physical development of the brain, eyes, and nerves primarily in children under 2 years of age.
**Similar to other elements in a healthy, balanced diet.

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