Enfamil A+® Formula and the Role of DHA
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Like most moms, I would do anything to ensure my child has the best possible nutrition. My baby's brain will never grow this fast again. So when my pediatrician told me how important DHA is for my baby's development, I wanted to understand more. DHA is a type of omega-3 fat, and a key building block of the brain. If you're breastfeeding, try to add more fatty fish like salmon that is rich in DHA. But what if you're using a formula like me? As a mother, it's reassuring to know that Enfamil A+ is the number one DHA formula chosen by pediatric hospitals. Share this with moms you know, and learn more at WhyDHA.ca. Enfamil. Nourishing milestones at every stage.

Enfamil A+® Formula and the Role of DHA

85% of brain growth is completed by age 3. Discover how Enfamil A+® baby formula with DHA can help support your baby’s brain development when you watch this video from Enfamil A+.

Enfamil A+® is the #1 DHA formula chosen by Pediatric Hospitals. Enfamil A+ has a clinically proven level of DHA, an important building block of the brain. Watch this video to learn more about the role of DHA in your child’s brain development.