The benefits of reading to toddlers

There’s no doubt that both you and your toddler are loving story time! But reading with your child goes well beyond the ritual itself and actually has an enormous impact on your little one’s development, communication skills and learning.

Read on to find out more.

The benefits of books

Reading with your toddler sets the foundation for their independent learning as they grow.

It introduces them to a wide range of vocabulary which helps them foster & sharpen language skills.

On top of learning new things as they engage with their favourite stories, the bond between the two of you will strengthen.

As toddlers begin to experience their own celebrations, little wins and even frustrations and setbacks, “seeing”other children in storybooks who experience similar things can be rewarding.

Have fun reading with your little one! Choosing colourful board or cloth books, establishing a consistent time for reading every day, reading expressively and slowly, and swapping in your child’s name for one of the characters are great tips to get the most out of this wonderful ritual.

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