Every baby is unique and beautiful. Every baby has a story. Why not celebrate your little one with a personalized storybook where he or she is the star? A Welcome to the World storybook from Librio is designed with newborns, infants and parents in mind. It’s also designed by you with the option to customize your book with cuteness and create your baby’s very own tale.


A parental and environmental commitment.

As a new parent we understand you’d do anything and everything to protect your child and their environment so they can thrive. Librio understands this and takes it to heart. We’re proud to create high-quality products that are ethically responsible with outstanding sustainable credentials:


·        Printed on the finest-quality 100% recycled paper in existence

·        Responsible print partners

·        1 tree planted for every book created             


Our commitment to quality doesn’t stop at materials. It also goes for content. We believe that the better the story, the more our books will be cherished and kept on shelves, rather than discarded in landfill.


 Why is reading to your newborn so important?


The more you read out loud to your infant, the more words they hear, and the better, they’ll be able to talk. When a baby hears words over and over, a network starts to build in their little brains. Copying sounds, recognizing pictures, and learning words is a foundation for language skills. That’s why Librio story books are designed with vibrant colours and vivid shapes to. All parents have to do is add their loving voices to make every story time perfectly complete.