Here are 10 ways to help ensure your toddler eats a balanced diet to support their healthy development.

Stick to regular meal and snack times.

Offer a wide range of shapes, colours, flavours and textures.

Start with a small portion and let them ask for more.

Don’t worry if they insist on skipping a snack or a meal. Toddlers eat more or less depending on their size, activity level and how fast they are growing.

Give your toddler choices and offer new foods often. Toddlers love opportunities to make their own decisions.

Limit the amount of juice. Juices can fill up a toddler’s tiny tummy, leaving no room for more nutritious foods. Offer no more than 125 mL (0.5 cup) of juice per day.

Offer 500–750 mL (2–3 cups) of cow’s milk each day for a good source of calcium and vitamin D.

Make it a family affair. Children who eat with their family regularly have healthier eating habits.

Involve your toddler in menu planning, shopping and cooking.

Keep your toddler active. Plenty of exercise helps them grow and develop normally while maintaining a healthy weight.