Nutrient Guide for Toddlers

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Find out what essential nutrients your toddler needs to fuel his healthy growth and development.


Important Nutrients

All nutrients are important, but there are some nutrients you may want to pay particular attention to and make sure your toddler is getting enough.

Enfagrow A+ and Toddler Brain Growth


The brain of a toddler—it's a greedy little thing. It consumes more energy than any other organ, and it's growing faster than it ever will again, so feed this wonderfully greedy brain with the nutritional toddler drink. Enfagrow A+ has 26 nutrients, including DHA and iron plus a fibre blend, to help support toddler brain growth and development. Because when you feed him the nutrition that builds his brain, you ready him to grab on to life. Give him a toddler nutritional drink to help support brain growth, and get your Enfagrow A+® free sample today.