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Find out how many calories you should consume and what foods to eat to support your baby's healthy development.

Experts recommend that a woman pregnant with one baby should get around 2 200 calories daily, beginning in the second trimester. A woman pregnant with twins may need to consume 3000 or more calories per day to meet heightened nutritional and energy requirements.


Here are some healthy ways to increase your calories:


  • Balance your diet by following Eating Well with Canada's Food Guide
  • Eat a variety of foods within the 4 food groups
  • Set up a schedule for meals and snacks
  • Be sure to get enough dairy every day, like low fat milk, yogurt or cheese
  • Add more fruits, vegetables, and whole grain breads to your menus
  • Carry snacks like dried fruits, nuts, and whole grain crackers in your purse
  • Stay hydrated
  • Eat frequent mini-meals or snacks
  • Women pregnant with one baby have increased nutritional needs, but women with a twin pregnancy may need even more iron and folic acid. Health Canada recommends taking a multivitamin containing 400 µg (0.4 mg) of folic acid and 16-20 mg of iron throughout pregnancy. Speak to your doctor or dietitian to ensure you are meeting your increased nutritional needs.
  • Consult our Nutrient Guide for more information
  • Make sure you get beneficial amounts of DHA (an omega-3 fat)
  • DHA supports your babies' normal brain and eye development.
  • Learn more about how to get DHA in your diet