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Learn how much and how often to feed your baby and how to tell if he is getting enough to eat.

Formula Feeding. How much? How often?

On average, formula-fed babies eat every 3-4 hours during their first weeks, when their stomach is small. However, after a few weeks the amount consumed at each feeding will increase and the number of feedings will decrease. In other words, he will eat more but less often.

How to make sure your baby is eating enough

Proper weight gain is the truest test of whether or not your baby is eating enough. The number of wet diapers is also a good indication. If you get 6 or more per day, and your baby is content between feedings, he is likely satisfied. Remember to follow your baby’s cues to determine when he’s hungry. Don’t try to force him to continue feeding when he’s not hungry.
If you are exclusively bottle feeding, here’s a guide to how much and how often you should feed formula to your baby. But remember, these are just averages-your baby’s appetite is always the best guide.

How Much to Feed Your Baby

Age Bottles per day Approx Amt of Formula per bottle Approx Formula per day
0-2 months 5 -10 59 mL (2 fl oz) - 89mL (3 fl oz) 410-800 mL (14-27 fl oz)
3-5 months 4-7 89 mL (3fl oz) - 150 mL (5 fl oz) 590-1050 mL (20-35.5 fl oz)
6 months 4-5 135 mL (5 fl oz) - 205 mL (7 fl oz) 540-1030 mL (18-35 fl oz)
7-8 months 4-6 135 mL (5 fl oz) - 175 mL (6 fl oz) 540-960 mL (18-32 fl oz)
9-12 months 3-4 175 mL (6 fl oz) - 250 mL (8 fl oz) 500-750 mL (17-25 fl oz)


There are formulas for babies with special feeding needs (such as allergies or intolerances).