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Mixing your baby's bottle may be new to you but it's easy to master with just three steps.

  1. First, get everything ready. Start by washing your hands. Then gather a clean bottle, nipple, ring, and cap, and the formula container. Check the “use by” date. If your container is dented, bulging, or leaking call the number listed on the back and do not use.
  2. Next, add water. Check the label to find out how much you'll need. Ask your baby's doctor about the appropriate water to use when preparing formula. Use room temperature water. If you prefer to mix the powder with warm water, be sure to feed your baby or refrigerate the product right away.
  3. Finally, add the formula. Check how many scoops you need for the amount of water in the bottle. After filling the scoop that came with the container, level it off with a clean knife. Pour the formula into the bottle, attach the ring, nipple, and cap, and shake well to mix. Before feeding, shake a few drops onto the inside of your wrist. It should feel neutral-neither warm nor cool.

You'll be surprised how fast these three easy steps will become second nature.