Here are some tips on how to start:

  • Always offer solid food after breastfeeding or formula feeding. At 6 months babies cannot get everything they need from breast milk or formula alone.
  • Think of solids not only as nutrition, but an opportunity for your little one to experience new textures and flavours while practicing the oral motor skills necessary for spoon feeding.
  • Sit him in a high chair. Make sure you use the seat belt and never leave him alone while eating.
  • Use a small spoon and start with a small amount.
  • Put some food on your baby’s lips. Put food in his mouth only if he opens it.
  • If your baby does not swallow the food, he may not be ready for solid food yet. Wait a few days and try again.
  • Gradually give your baby more food. For example, start with once per day, in the morning and progress to twice per day when your baby accepts food well.
  • Let your baby guide you. Your baby will tell you he has had enough to eat when he turns his head away or keeps his mouth shut.
  • Keep mealtimes pleasant and never force your baby to eat.

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