Chase away the crankies with these baby soothing solutions:

Walk around the house with baby in a front carrier. The’ll find the motion and body-to-body contact calming.

Give them a pacifier to suck on. Ask any Mom; they work wonders!

Hand them to someone else for a few minutes. Having a new face to stare at can be so intriguing that they’ll forget what they were crying about.

Run the vacuum cleaner. Babies find white noise comforting because it reminds them of the sounds they heard in the womb.

Try swaddling your child the way the nurses did at the hospital. It may look confining to you, but babies love it because it recreates the womb and keeps their arms and legs from flailing.

Hold your baby and sway or dance to calming music.

Put your baby in their stroller and take a walk around the neighbourhood. The steady motion of the ride may lull them to sleep.

3 words: vibrating bouncy seat.

2 words: warm bath

1 word: lullaby.

I make shushing noises in her ear while rocking her gently. Essentially, I try to make the environment the way it was when she was still inside of me.


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