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Find out what you need to formula feed your baby.

A formula that's patterned after breast milk, such as Enfamil A+® . Formulas are available in powder, ready-to-feed liquid, and concentrated liquid forms. Several bottles. Choose glass, BPA-free plastic, or drop in plastic bags. Experiment with a few different styles before buying a dozen of one type.


They come in latex or silicone and have different hole sizes that determine how fast the formula flows out. Be sure to choose the flow level that's appropriate for your baby. Younger babies may do better with a slower-flow nipple. There are many different nipple types on the market; you may want to buy a few to see which baby prefers. Also, be sure to check the nipples periodically to see that they're working properly.

  • Throw away any old, cracked, or sticky nipples.
  • Bottle brush for cleaning.
  • Dishwasher basket for bottles and nipples.
  • Insulated cooler bag and ice packs for carrying prepared bottles.
  • Bottle-drying rack


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